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Let's talk about books

Ich lese gerade

Die Schöpfungslüge: Warum Darwin recht hat
Richard Dawkins
Bereits gelesen: 37/527 pages
Der entzauberte Regenbogen: Wissenschaft, Aberglaube und die Kraft der Phantasie (German Edition)
Richard Dawkins, Sebastian Vogel

Thank You! Thanks to you BookLikes made it to the stage at The Next Web Conference! See you in Amsterdam

Reblogged from BookLikes:

Holy Cow! We did it. No. You did it! Thank you so much for your support and your votes. 


BookLikes has been chosen as one of the 75 most promising European startups and will present its story on stage during The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam next week! Yippee! You can view the full list of 75 startups here



You are incredible! All we can do now is a HAPPY DANCE and saying loud and warm THANK YOU :-)